Founded in 1997, Solidex Audio Corporation is a leader specializing in the development of high quality audio systems for various industrial commercial and consumer sectors.

Today, Solidex Audio Corporation has its R&D Center in China and strong strategic partnerships with a number of manufacturers to provide a wide range of capabilities and products for OEM and ODM clients. We offer a combination of excellent performance and value. This gives us the flexibility necessary to build to any specification and performance level while minimizing costs. Solidex can produce a wide range of audio components and finished systems. Some examples:

Transducers, crossovers, tweeters, midranges, woofers, high power subwoofers-(utilizing ferrite and/or neodymium magnet structures).
Car Audio ~sub woofers, component systems, Automotive OEM, amplifiers.
Home Theater ~complete systems in fine lacquers, vinyl wrap, aluminum and painted enclosures.

Electronics ~WiFi, Bluetooth, Active Speakers and Soundbars, amplifiers utilizing traditional A/B circuitry, and more advanced class H and class D digital designs –up to 1000 Watts!

Pro Audio, compression drivers, high powered woofers, carpeted mobile systems, painted systems and amplifiers.

SOLIDEX AUDIO CORPORATION’s mission is to provide very high-quality audio products and the best service to our customers and to offer convenience to customers as the main goal. We operate just like our customer’s purchasing department and R&D Center in Asia. In this way, our customers don’t need to worry about human resources problems, or worry about misunderstandings caused by cultural differences. Solidex's mission is saving our clients time and money. Our staff in China, Taiwan, the United States and Hong Kong will do everything possible to ensure a smooth and efficient response to our customer’s requests.