In-Wall In-Ceiling

Our goal was to create the finest architectural speakers available. Soidex team’s experience and engineering expertise is then combined with passion to create speakers that stand apart from the ordinary.


Custome needs durable outdoor weatherproof speakers with high-quality sound to any In/Outdoor environment. We provide different size driver and cabinets to meet your requirement.


Build to meet audiophile standards, our multi-channel amplifier provides the flexibility needed in the latest multi-room installations. With IP/Web base control, you can easily deploy amplifier to any environment.

You Should Know

Solidex provide it's service over 20 years and proud of satisfaction given by our customers. We will keep going and willing to be your best partner.


Outdoor and Landscape speaker

Solidex provides the outdoor speaker system that delivers the best sounds in any space. We are proud of providing the world-class engineering of architectural audio.

Multi-Channel Amplifer

For the installation industry, we build many amplifier platforms for residential and commercial applications.