We provide schematic design, PCB layout, debugging, testing and verification.

  • DSP software development
  • Power supply design and development
  • Digital/Analog amplifier design
  • MCU Firmware, APP, WEB
  • 2D/3D mechanical design, packaging, UI/UX design, Manuals.
  • Electroacoustic including speaker driver, vibrating materials.

Product Types

We provide different electronic product categories.

  • Soundbar & Active speakers
  • Active subwoofers
  • Digital/Analog amplifier
  • Wireless speaker with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 2.4/5/5.8G transmission
  • High power amplifier over 1000W
  • DAC, Phono amp, Headphone amp

Join Design

Solidex works with customers in the way of join design to achieve the best quality product under time pressure.

  • Fast consulting
  • Rapid response
  • Excellent time management
  • Knowledge of all kinds of safety certification
  • Kepp tracking and service after delivery
  • Provide existing platform for turnkey solution